Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who Put the 'M' in Manchester

DON'T know how i missed it, but friday was the 50th birthday of one of the key figures in british rock post-clash: 
patrick morrissey. (the fact that the day was also my anniversary may explain why i am posting several days late.)

in any case, mozz celebrated his half-century with a concert in his hometown, manchester, UK, which was in some ways the capital of the industrial revolution as well as the capital of several waves of rock music, from joy division's post-punk to the "madchester" scene to acid house. cue "24 hour party people." 

it was partly my love of bands from manchester -- mozz's old group the smiths, buzzcocks, stone roses, joy division -- that sent me to visit the city not long ago. HERE is the travel piece that ensued, and here is a sidebar on music.

and to anyone who didnt see it, here's my piece, tied to last month's coachella performance, on morrissey and his influence.

Photo credit: SRT

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