Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Late Great Julius Shulman

I WAS saddened to see, upon returning from a trip, that we've lost not only walter cronkite -- who i once met at an annapolis pub he used to frequent on sailing trips -- but the consummate architecture photographer julius shulman.

HERE is my interview with shulman from a few years back. i visited the man in his rambling laurel canyon home and he showed me the range of his work -- the old modernist, black and white stuff from LA and palm springs, as well as some more recent color work he'd done in europe.

at 95 shulman was sharp as a nail, but also among the more prickly people i've met in my career. he yelled at me when i called his photography "shots." shulman: "we're not hunters!!"

i dont have the rights to his classic modernism shots so posting something -- an image of a los angeles co fire station -- that i think is in the public domain.

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