Monday, August 3, 2009

Eric Owen Moss Vs. Los Angeles

For decades now, eric owen moss has been one of the most innovative, influential and feared architects in the southland. he's designed striking postmodern buildings in culver city and environs, taken the helm at SCI-Arc, and become what colleague thom mayne calls "a gladiator" in his appearances at various panels and reviews.

HERE is my LAT piece on moss and his latest work. the story comes from several conversations with a man whose speaking style i'd call one part free association, one part surrealist poetry, one part yogi berra.

besides his latest projects -- one of which, the gateway art tower, will be completed shortly -- moss was interested in discussing how LA can now lead the world in urbanism (planning, urban design, infrastructure reform, etc.) the same way it led the world in cutting edge architecture in the '80s and '90s.

moss will surely be in the news in the near future because of his controversial plan for a high-rise apartment complex near the beach in venice -- many neighbors are frustrated with the project and this will likely not go smoothly... until then he is very busy, despite the slumping economy, with projects, here and in asia.

Photo credit: Eric Owen Moss Architects

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