Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Philip K. Dick's Last Decade, Parts 1 and 2

TODAY the second of my six-part series on Philip K. Dick's life in Orange County, Calif., went up on the LATimes' Hero Complex blog.

This second section gets him to OC from his often troubled life in the Bay Area and a really disastrous trip to Vancouver.

Yesterday's installment started out with a 1976 scene in Fullerton in which his marriage unravels and the author tries suicide.

Please stay tuned for the rest of the series: Tomorrow tells of his daily life in Orange County and relationship with his family.

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Photo credit: Philip K. Dick Trust


Stevus said...

My wife and I got a kick out of Scott Timberg's Sunday story about Philip K. Dick. In fact, when I read the first portion to her, we both had to laugh out loud because it was so out of synch with reality. Somebody sure got this one wrong.

If you are a fan of Phil and you want an accurate account, please read on.

First, we were not at the Fullerton apartment. We were at the house on Santa Isabel.

Second, it was not nighttime. It was bright daylight.

Third, I never entered the house on that day and I never "started grabbing" anything. My wife did go in and help carry out Chris's clothes and toys, but she isn't even mentioned.

Fourth, we had no truck, no van, no trailer to transport chairs or tables.

Mr. Timberg asserts "the details...come from Powers' journals." I doubt Tim Powers was there. My sister Tessa says it was Kevin Jeter who was in the house.

If the fallacious account really does come from Tim Powers, he owes me and Tessa and Phil's fans a sincere apology.

Stevus said...
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tuffy777 said...