Friday, April 8, 2011

British Sea Power invades the West Coast

JUST a quick note to say that I remain convinced that British Sea Power is one of the best live bands from the dreary isle. Your humble blogger has caught the Brighton band on all three of its Los Angeles appearances -- two at Spaceland and now last night's at the Troubadour.

The goofy faux-military costumes are gone, but their blend of early '70s Bowie and early '80s is stronger than ever. The band's propulsive rhythms are matched by disciplined, precise guitar playing (except for in the proggy, overlong finale.) Every member of the group really pulls his/her weight. (Is the violinist, whose instrument seems tuned to the intonations from My Bloody Valentine's Loveless LP, a recent addition?)

Their best songs may still mostly be on their debut record, The Decline of British Sea Power, but the live show, I think, has just gotten better. Can't wait to see the lads again.

Here they are playing "Carrion."

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