Friday, May 20, 2011

West Coast jazz on the Internet

FOR a jazz fan, Internet radio can be like going to one of those really bad mall food courts: Despite the superficial variety, much of what's served is awfully gooey. There are several "smooth" jazz stations for every one that plays real music. (This reflects, surely, the state of today's marketplace.) Commercial jazz radio us is not much better.

But from an airy modernist house in Palm Springs, a former IT manager from Boston runs a great little station, dedicated to the heyday of West Coast jazz, called Forever Cool. (You can also get it through iTunes.)

HERE is my piece on Keith Roberts and his station, which I highly recommend. More on it later.


PuroJazz said...

Well, you clearly have not tuned to MY internet radio. everyday a new program, lasts from 1 to 2 hours, no style ignored, I feature rcordings from Hot Fives to Peter Brotzmann...and beyond

circuitmouse said...

This station could be filed under "at last the internet has fulfilled its promise..."