Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Hell of Freelancing - or is it Purgatory?

FOR some people, going it alone is a blast, and lucrative as well. Advocates of the "free agent nation" see it casual, flexible, energetic -- a way to tap into your real talent and potential.
Free agent Reggie Jackson

They say we've moved beyond the stodgy, gray-flannel-suited Organization Man of mid-century, who was all about conformity and corporate loyalty.

But for many writers, artists, musicians and so on, dealing with a collapsed economy and a shifting culture driven by the Internet, it's not much fun. These stories tend not to get told.

The second piece of my Salon series on the fate of the creative class is up. Please check it out.


dan reines said...

I know I couldn't hack the freelance life. I liked the first piece -- and by "liked," I mean "cringed throughout."

Going to go read this one now.

Scott Timberg said...

Yes I seem to be depressing my readership -- ouch...