Saturday, February 21, 2009

Retro Rock Posters and The Small Stakes

OVER the last few year i've been turned on to a new wave of poster design that relies on '40s book jackets, minimalism and mid-century fonts for its effects. much of this stuff is rock posters, even though the visual language comes almost entirely outside rock n roll. i'll take it over the psychedelic nightmare of the fillmore school or the robert-williams blazing-eyeball-on-a-hotrod school -- any day of the week.

one of my favorite designers is jason munn, whose work with the small stakes is simple and bracing. here is my story on munn in sunday's LAT.

other favorites of mine includes heads of state, jeff kleinsmith and LA's own cole gerst, whose work -- slightly less crisp and more folk-arty -- i've also displayed here.

Photo credit: The Small Stakes and option-g


Cuyahogabend said...

Great story. One of my recent regrets is not buying his SFMOMA poster when I had the chance (

Scott Timberg said...

his best stuff sells out very quickly -- i like that SF MOMA poster and the LCD sound system which is not vastly unavailable.