Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scott Walker: Icon of Obscurity

NOW HERE is a guy who made nick drake look gregarious. 

back in the 60s, scott walker was part of british boy band the walker brothers -- the most popular group, in their day, you've never heard of. but it's the moody, heavily orchestrated records he made after leaving the trio that made him a huge influence on everyone from david bowie to brian eno to laurie anderson and jarvis cocker. my story, which includes conversations with some of those, here.

walker's music is a bit static for me -- tho i admire the nerve of a guy who writes a (dead serious) song about a bergman movie. scott had the best 60s style of any rocker this side of john lennon. lots of great shots of him brooding behind shades and a scarf -- this would be my sartorial signature year-round if i could pull it off -- taken over the years by the london-to-LA photographer chris walter.

any scott fans out there?

Photo credit: Chris Walter

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Sara S said...

He's one of those artists who sound much better when someone else is channeling them--listen to walker and it's REALLY difficult to listen to Bowie, Nick Cave, or the Tindersticks the same way again. Maybe he grows on you, but his genre is pretty strange.