Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Kurosawa, and New Poll

MONDAY was the birthday of titan akira kurosawa, born 1910, one of the guys who got me into international cinema and japanese film. from him i ventured into ozu, mizoguchi, ichikawa's "burmese harp" and takeshi kitano... but will never forget first time i saw "rashomon."

dont want to say too much more lest i bias the poll (to right) but a towering artist with more range than usually acknowledged. i was eating soba with sake last night and will hoist a toast in his direction.

Photo credit: Wikipedia


Milton said...

"Seven Samuri" hands down ... the most realistic movie I think I've seen ... long stretches seem documentary, like news film

Scott Timberg said...

not having lived thru samurai-era japan, i cant say how realistic it is, but SS certainly gives a sense you are really riding around with this guys... a wonderful movie now matter how you slice it... you can even watch their hair growing back after it's cut early in film as i recall...