Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stevie Jackson on the West Coast

ONE of the things we have to do from time to time here is to admit that not all of the finest 21st century culture comes from the West Coast. (Okay, just most of it.) Exhibit A is the Scottish band Belle & Sebastian, who have been perhaps our favorite band since the fadeout of (West Coast band, sort of) Pavement in the late '90s.

And one on the key members of that excellently melodic indie rock combo is guitarist Stevie Jackson, sometimes known as Stevie Reverb for his signature retro style.

B&S of course, started out as a folkie vehicle for singer Stuart Murdoch, but several other members have since put their respective stamps on the band. Jackson has brought a snappy '60s tune-manship to the group, and he's written some of their best songs -- "Seymour Stein," "Jonathan David,"  "To Be Myself Completely."

Not long ago, Jackson brought out the LP (I Can't Get No) Stevie Jackson, which is not as consistent as a B&S record but has its share of gems. (I'm especially fond of the opening track, "Pure of Heart.")

And this week, the Glaswegian axe-slinger is way out West. Tonight he's in Austin; Thursday night he is in LA to play the Bootleg Theater. He's in San Francisco Portland before heading back to Scotland.

Here's a video of Stevie playing an acoustic 12-string.

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